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Garrett’s Legacy Act

By Gloucester Dragons, 06/12/24, 9:30AM EDT


The Dragons are aware of this new Act regarding portable goals and are working to implement the regulations.


Movable Soccer Goal (Garrett’s Legacy Act)

“Movable soccer goal” means a freestanding structure that consists of at least two upright posts, a cross-bar and support bars and that is designed to be used as a soccer goal and movable to different locations.

A movable soccer goal shall be located on a level surface and securely anchored in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions or, if there are no such instructions, by;

  1. Securely anchoring it to the ground on a level surface, if the goal is located outdoors; or
  2. Securely anchoring it to the floor of a level surface or the wall or securing it using weights, if the goal is located indoors.

Ontario Soccer and its membership, in working with municipalities, complies with the Province of Ontario, Garrett’s Legacy Act (Requirement for Movable Soccer Goals), 2024. The Act establishes requirements for organizations or entities respecting the secure installation of movable soccer goals that they make available for use by members of the public. The Act provides for inspections and requires the Minister to establish a mechanism to report complaints of alleged non-compliance with the Act.