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Coach of the Year

U4 to U6 (Male) Brad Reid Mark Jessop, Steffan Labonté, Brad Snippe
U4 to U6 (Female) Geneviève Coulombe
U7 to U8 Boys Rob Mather Justin Gosselin, Edward Maier, Rian Robertson
U7 to U8 Girls Arthur Yrenaya Derek Gagnon
Mini Boys Maryse Smith Scott Feener, Steve Rogers
Mini Girls Patrick Andersen Marc André Daoust, Chris Murphy
Youth Boys Drummond Robertson Bill Coleman
Youth Girls Adam Hendriks Pat Brookes, Jeff Dunlop, Ken Tong
Overall Coach of the Year Maryse Smith, U10B Dallas

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David Bowyer Award

This award is presented each year to a volunteer who displays outstanding commitment and dedication.

Leah H. White
2019 to present - Director, Youth
2016 to present - Coach
2016-2018 - Director, U7-8

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Robert (Bob) Moir Memorial Award

Presented annually to referees who demonstrate dedication, enthusiasm, ensure fair play and contribute to Gloucester Dragons Soccer through performance. 

Mini Kyle St. Jean
Entry Level Cameron Hutchinson

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